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Are You Ready To Schedule Your Drive Test?
We Are Able To Test You If…

  • You Have Completed Cowboy Driving Academy, Another DPS Certified Commercial Driver's Ed Course, a Secondary School Driver's Ed Program, or a DPS Certified Parent Taught/Online Program.
  • OR You Have A Valid OK Permit And Are 16 1/2 Years Old Or Older
  • COWBOY DRIVING ACADEMY is now available to administer the Drivers License Test to anyone with a valid Oklahoma Learners Permit.
  • You DO NOT have to have a Certificate of Completion from a Drivers Ed Program, IF you are 16 1/2 years old or older.


  • If you purchased one of our driver's ed packages of $595 or above, you have a 60 minutes of practice plus the driver's license test in our car on the day you schedule below.
  • If you attended driver's ed elsewhere OR completed a parent taught/online driver's ed program before scheduling your test you need to purchase a practice drive and test or test only. Click HERE to purchase a testing package.

Need to schedule your Drive Test immediately? Tired of waiting on DPS without knowing where to go and what to do? We're also nice and here to help! We need your help to make sure you're qualified so you don't waste your time and ours. This is why we ask you to carefully give us the required information so we can help you promptly.

Complete and Submit this form to request your driving test. We test in 7 cities so if you're available, qualified and want a test only, we can get you tested ASAP if you're nearby or willing to drive.

Please keep in mind we can only test one at a time and we offer several testing packages. The MOST POPULAR is the 1 Hour Preparation Drive immediately before the test. It calms your student's nerves and catches mistakes before they happen. In over 8,000 drive tests, scores average 20 points higher with this package. It also involves more coordination but we can accommodate you in weeks not months depending on YOUR availability.

The following information is required in order to be considered. Driving tests are done 6 days/week, sometimes 7 depending on your package. Complete and submit the following information. Our friendly staff will contact you as soon as we receive and log your request. Your patience is appreciated and we promise to give you our Best. Your request is not confirmed until you receive word back from the one of the Cowboy Driving Academy Team. All we need you to do is fill this out once and if you haven't heard back within 24 hours, you can call our office or email us. Submitting multiple requests will result in all requests being denied. All Test Requests must have a ZERO Balance when we contact you to confirm the test.

We look forward to assisting your family at this important time!

Important Testing Details

If any information on your permit has changed click here to update details prior to the day of your test  
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